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Premium Music Production for
Modern Pop and RNB




From the first instrumental idea to the finished song, I work closely with you to bring your musical vision to life.

Through your customized exclusive production, we create a unique sound that will make your music stand out from the crowd.



In the mixing process I give your song the perfect sound. With high class equipment I make sure that your music sounds outstanding.


Via a HD live stream you have the possibility to listen to the mixes worldwide and give feedback on revisions to make your song perfect.

In mastering, your song gets the final touch and the last 10 percent to achieve an even and professional sound.


With the help of first-class tools I make sure that your music sounds well-rounded and balanced on every music system.




My name is Simon "Cymon Nova" Huser and I am your expert for Modern Pop and RNB. As a certified audio engineer, experienced producer and former vocalist I have had the pleasure of working with artists from all over the world.


In my work, open communication and a high level of commitment are essential to bring your musical vision to life. Also as a newcomer you get the premium service, allowing you to grow as an artist and take the next step in your music career.


I look forward to getting to know you and your music and creating your own signature sound together.


P-Air, Artist

P-Air, Artist

Working with Simon is super enjoyable and efficient because he handles all the steps from songwriting to producing and recording to mixing/mastering, while also giving valuable tips to help the artist move forward.


Jeniffer Lima, Artist

Working with Simon has been a great experience. He's reliable and brings a diverse set of skills and styles to the table. What I appreciate most is his personal approach. He gets my artistic vision and his customized productions are very inspiring.

Steven Miqueles, Artist

Steven Miqueles, Artist

Simon is professional, reliable and delivers top quality every time. 


Besides the great vibe in the studio, he always has great creative ideas to give the songs that little extra and make them unique.



There's no harm (or cost) in asking!

Let's have a chat and see how I can help you specifically. Fill out this form to get started or send me an email.

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